List of expired domains with great backlinks

Domains that have expired are highly sought after. You might wonder what happens to domains after they expire and how you can purchase them.

A grace period is available for domain names that have expired. This allows the owner to renew it. After that, the registry will either auction or sell it to the highest bidder or make the domain name available for registration.

You are here if you’re also searching for domain lists. This article will show you how easy it is to find expired domains. You can use expired domains to improve page authority, increase traffic to your site, and/or search engine optimization (SEO). Keep reading to learn the best tools and platforms to search for expired domains.

3 Purposes for Expired Domains

An expired domain can be used in many different ways. Most people only use expired domains for these three reasons:

  • To build authority websites
  • To build private blog networks
  • Use for redirects

Create Authority Sites with Expiring Domains

It is difficult to create a website on a domain that doesn’t have page authority if you are trying to make a change.

The main problem is that increasing page authority requires more time and money. This is an issue that is very costly for companies and agencies that require quick results.

An expiring domain of high quality has high domain authority and ranks well in search engines. This gives businesses an advantage and makes it easier to create a rich, content-rich website. This allows you to outperform your competitors and get on the first page of Google search engine result pages.

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Create Private Blog Networks using Expired Domains

Many people buy expired domains to create authoritative websites in a particular industry.

This is what you need to search for expired domains that have quality backlinks relevant to your niche, high search engine optimization scores, and no spam content.

Redirect to an Expired Domain Name

Redirecting an expired domain name to your main website is another purpose. You can transfer a portion of the links from the expired domain to your main website. This is especially beneficial if you have existing traffic or a high score in search engine optimization.

Redirecting traffic from expired domains is a great strategy to increase your search engine optimization scores and attract more customers. Expired domains can be used to create more links. You can also redirect as many sites you wish.

What should you do before purchasing expired domains

It is difficult to find expired domains worth your money. To find the perfect domain, you need to take into account many factors. To make an informed decision, you need to examine all metrics, including backlinks quality and Google search engine bans.

Domain Name Search Metrics – Find Right Domains

Domain Age

  • Search engine rankings are influenced by domain age. Domains older than one year are more valuable and have higher quality content. This can help you rank higher in Google search engine results pages.

Quality Backlinks

  • People click on websites to view clean, organized content that links to trusted sources such as Wikipedia or the US government. To determine if the domain name is suitable for your project, it is important to review backlinks history.


  • Google bans expired domains from its search engine robots. Use checker tools to verify that the domain name is not already banned by Google search engine bots.


  • You should also check if the pages are indexed by search engines.


  • – If an expiring domain is trademark-registered, you might end up dealing with additional complications, including violation of intellectual property laws, which may result in additional penalties by the trademark owner.
  • Trademarked names are usually not worth the cost, except for very valuable domains.

List Of Domain Names Nearing Expire: Best Place To Buy Expired Domains

To search for domain names that have expired recently with high-quality backlinks at an affordable price, you can use these platforms and tools:

GoDaddy Auctions for Advanced Domain Name Search

GoDaddy Auctions is a trusted platform in the industry. The price range at GoDaddy Auctions is however very variable.

The domain name search is easy even though it’s not complicated. Register an account first. Next, scroll through the domain search using advanced filters such as keywords, extensions and registration period to find the best domains.

Send a bid to GoDaddy Auctions and they will review it. GoDaddy Auctions might take several days to compare bids due to the popularity of the domain.

A backorder can be set up to purchase an expired domain from GoDaddy Auctions.

SnapNames for Extensive Domain Name Search Listings

SnapNames is a great marketplace for expired domain name search lists. SnapNames boasts a larger archive than GoDaddy with over 20 million domains. SnapNames however has 30 million domains.

You can narrow down your search results to find quality domain names with no spam content by selecting domain name search lists according to price range, search engine optimization rank and daily auctions.

Domain Hunter Gatherer for Branded Domains

Domain Hunter Gatherer is an excellent tool for advanced search and access to brand expiring domains.

The Domain Auction feature is what people love most about this tool. It allows you to narrow down domain name search results using different metrics.

Domain Hunter Gatherer also offers a video guide that explains the process of buying new and old domains.

SpamZilla – Expired Domains With Good Backlinks

SpamZilla, another popular tool, allows you to access a large number of expired domains that have quality backlinks. It is easy to navigate, making domain name searching quick and easy. It also offers a wide range of metrics that can be used to compare domain names.

To find the right domain name, you can use search engine optimization rankings, SEO score, keyword values, Alexa rating, and domain name extension availability ( to analyze your niche.

Domains for Expired Domains With SEO Value

SEO.Domains has over 20,000 domain names and has been reviewed by a team professional. There are many expired domains that have quality backlink profiles and are trustworthy. This could be a great resource for your SEO efforts.

You can access thousands of domains across the globe and many niches with free registration. You can sort them using several SEO metrics (e.g. DA, DR., TF., CF, language, topic, monthly visitors, etc. Everything is available, as well as local TLDs.

Select Your Domain Name from the Expired List to Score Quality Domains Quick

You can visit GoDaddy Auctions or SnapNames to search for expired domain names. Before you register or bid on the domain, be sure to carefully analyze the data.

Nearly every tool lets you view backlink data, see registration dates, and review your SEO history. This information will help you make the best decision and select the best expired domain name to host your website.

You can seal the deal quickly once you have found the perfect domain name that has quality backlinks. Expired domains never last long!