What Chiropractic Care Should You Get After an Auto Accident

Getting Chiropractic Care after Suffering Auto Injuries Even minor motor vehicle accidents can cause whiplash and back pain. Your pain will be relieved and you can avoid long-term problems by visiting your chiropractor immediately after an accident.

Chiropractic Treatment Treats Whiplash Pain

After an accident, whiplash is a common injury. According to the American Chiropractic Association, whiplash is a common injury after an accident involving motor vehicles. Your neck whips back and forth abruptly. These movements can cause injury to muscles, ligaments, or discs. They may also force your vertebrae out of alignment.

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Even though you might feel fine right away, whiplash can cause your neck to hurt for hours or days. Chiropractic care can relieve neck pain naturally. It realigns your spine and improves movement. The treatment can also increase blood flow, decrease inflammation, and speed up the healing process.

Body and Back Pain, Muscle Spasms and Muscle Spasms also improve after treatment

A chiropractor can use a variety therapeutic techniques to treat any aches or pains caused by a motor vehicle accident. Massage can reduce spasms and improve range of motion. It also reduces pain by stimulating the release of endorphins. These natural chemicals are produced by your body to help reduce pain.

Spinal manipulation may be an option if your back hurts or is stiff. This hands-on treatment uses quick thrusts that realign your vertebrae. If the vertebrae are misaligned, it can lead to muscle tension and more pain. A misalignment in your neck or spine may not cause pain, but you might feel it radiate to your arms and legs if there is a nerve involved.

Chiropractic Treatment Can Help You Avoid Stiffness from Scar Tissue

Scar tissue can restrict the movement of joints, muscles and tissues depending on where it is located. Scar tissue can cause pain, stiffness and reduced range of motion. These issues can be avoided or reduced by seeing your chiropractor as soon as possible after an accident.

Massage, instrument-assisted soft tissues manipulation, and other therapies can help you stretch and break down scar tissue. This will restore your flexibility, range of motion, and mobility. Your chiropractor might also recommend exercises to strengthen your muscles, reduce inflammation, and improve range of motion.

Even if your accident occurred months ago, treatment can still be beneficial. A Journal of Chiropractic Medicine case study showed that a 61 year old woman sought treatment for back and neck pain three years following an accident. She experienced improvements in her pain and quality-of-life after six months of spinal manipulation and was able stop using opioid medication.

Treatment Relieves or Reduces the Use of Prescription or Over-the-Counter Pain Relievers

Although medication temporarily relieves pain from an accident, side effects can be severe. Pain medication can cause nausea, vomiting, dizziness and upset stomach. Sometimes, even short-term opioid pain medication use can lead to addiction.

Prescription drugs are safer than over-the-counter pain medication. Acetaminophen and ibuprofen can damage the liver or kidneys if taken in high doses or for a prolonged period.

These side effects can be avoided by chiropractic treatment. You may be able stop taking prescription drugs or decrease the dosage as your treatment progresses.

Chiropractic Care Can Help You Avoid Long-Term Pain

Chiropractic care can prevent motor vehicle accident injuries becoming chronic problems by treating injuries quickly. If you wait to seek treatment, your chances of developing chronic pain, arthritis and migraines, as well as other symptoms, may increase. You may be able to avoid surgery by seeking chiropractic care.

Are you a victim of a motor vehicle accident? Chiropractic care can help ease your pain and speed up your recovery.


Do I need to see a chiropractor after a car accident?

Why visit a Chiropractor after car accident?

You may be wondering why my lawyer sent me to a chiropractor after you’ve been in an accident. The answer is in the value of a chiropractor for your health and accident settlement.

Even minor car accidents can cause serious injuries such as soft-tissue Injuries and bruises, fractures and broken bones, sprains, strains, and bone breaks. These injuries can be so severe that it is recommended to consult an accident injury chiropractor.

This article will provide information about:

How to decide if you should visit a chiropractor following a car accident

After a car accident, how much does a chiropractor cost?

How long do you need to visit a chiropractor following a car accident?

How can a chiropractor help with your injuries?

You may have been asked by your doctor to visit a chiropractor.

What Do Chiropractors Do After a Car Accident?

Although chiropractor is a term we often hear, many people don’t know what it does. A chiropractor can help you assess your pain and determine the best treatment for you.

A chiropractor can also help you to create treatment plans that are tailored to your injuries and needs. Chiropractic care can help you with your injuries.

Chiropractic care can treat many types of injuries from car accidents, including whiplash to back pain and broken bones. The injury victim is less likely to have long-term problems if they receive prompt chiropractic care.

This is done by the chiropractor by correcting the alignment of the body and its physical functions.

Chiropractic manipulations and movements help relieve pains in the nervous system and skeletal system.

The chiropractor tends to focus on the following: lower back pain; neck pain; muscle pain; joint pain; headaches.

The treatment of back and shoulder pain can be made more effective by a chiropractor who uses spinal manipulations and movements to help.

A chiropractor’s primary job is to create a personalized treatment plan that alleviates pain using what can be described as an intensive and rigorous form physical therapy.

What Car Accident Injuries Require a Chiropractor to Treat?

A chiropractor can help with many injuries sustained in a car accident.

This is because the injuries that chiropractors treat are often the same as those that occur in car accidents.

There are many types of accidents you can suffer from, some of which are not treatable with chiropractic care, but many others can be greatly helped by this type of medical treatment.

A chiropractor can help with these common injuries:

  • Whiplash
  • Confusions and Bruises
  • Neck or back pain
  • Brain and Spinal Injuries
  • Headaches and Migraines

A chiropractor can help with many other similar conditions.

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A chiropractor can pinpoint the cause of your pain, and help you manage it with a non-invasive method that will help you avoid surgery or lifelong medication.

After a car accident, should I see a chiropractor?


After a car accident, should I visit a chiropractor? It depends on the circumstances, so let’s get into it.

A chiropractor can help you in many different ways. They can help you avoid pain and discomfort that will last a lifetime.

Why is a chiropractor so helpful? A chiropractor is a non-invasive, drug-free alternative to traditional medical treatment after a car accident.

After a car accident, you have experienced enough pain. There are ways to reduce the need for painful and invasive treatments.

Even if you don’t feel any pain immediately, a chiropractor can help you diagnose and treat your pain.

Sometimes, after an accident you feel 100% fine. It does not necessarily mean you aren’t hurt, but it does indicate that your adrenaline hormone is causing you to feel numb to the pain.

A chiropractor can diagnose and treat injuries inside your muscles, tendons and ligaments.

A chiropractor can perform a physical exam and order x-rays. They will also review your medical history to create a plan that is right for you.

There are many benefits to seeing a chiropractor after an accident, including:

A treatment plan to reduce inflammation

This helps to reduce pain now and in the future.

This will ensure that you don’t have to rely on pain medication.

This reduces the likelihood of you needing to have more invasive surgery.

The majority of people who have been in a car accident will agree that a chiropractor is a good choice.

Why is my lawyer sending me to a chiropractor?

Lawyers send you to a chiropractor to get better

Your lawyer will recommend that you see a chiropractor after an accident to improve your physical health.

Yes, health benefits are an important concern. You should consult one.

Lawyers send you to a chiropractor to document injuries

There are legal settlement benefits for seeing a chiropractor. Because you have documented your injuries and it is organized, a visit to the chiropractor can help you get legal benefits. Your daily notes are what the jury will not trust without this. These notes are medically valid.

Lawyers send you to a chiropractor because insurance adjusters need that evidence

The insurance company will do everything possible to prove that your injuries aren’t that severe and that you don’t need a large settlement.

This is why it is important to have documentation and proof that you have been injured.

This is where a chiropractor can help.

  • Radiography/X-Rays, CT Scans
  • MRI scanning
  • Electromyography (EMG)
  • Diathermy
  • Hydrotherapy systems
  • Ultrasound Therapy
  • Laser treatment
  • Electromuscular stimulation

These tests and treatments can help you determine if you have an injury.

These visits to the chiropractor aren’t cheap. When many sessions are required, the cost of a chiropractor following a car accident may be high.

This is not a bad thing. It shows that you are serious about your recovery and helps increase your settlement value.

How will a chiropractor help me settle my case?

A chiropractor can help you settle your case.

To fully treat most injuries sustained in a car accident, you will need multiple visits to the doctor.

The chiropractors are experts in the treatment of car accident victims. They can also help you to determine the best way to treat your injury or pain.

They can help ensure that accident victims are treated with competence and experience.

It takes a long time to recover from many injuries sustained in a car accident.

This means that on average, 6-18 months of treatment, chiropractic care and therapy will be required.

You can prove that you required medical attention for a prolonged period of time by going to a chiropractor. This proves that your injury did not happen and you needed medical help.

The amount of a car accident settlement will depend on several factors such as:

  • Medical bills total
  • Loss of wages
  • Nature of physical injuries

A chiropractor’s visit falls under your total medical expenses. They can also help you prove the severity and nature of your physical injuries. These can both increase your final settlement payout.

This is because a chiropractor can help you document all of your liabilities and provide treatment documentation. A chiropractor is a kind of expert who attests to your injuries as well as the severity of your condition.

Chiropractor After Car Accident Settlement Examples

SAMPLEVERDICT (Alabama), $60,000.00 A 44 year old male was sitting in his vehicle when he was struck from the rear by an uninsured motorist who was driving recklessly. Plaintiff suffered cervical strain and filed a lawsuit against the insurance company. Plaintiff claimed that the defendant failed to properly look out for him and did not maintain proper control over his car. All liability was denied by the defendant. The hearing was attended by a chiropractor, who testified as an expert witness. A verdict of $60,000 was given to the plaintiff.

A 50-year-old male driver was injured when his vehicle was struck by the defendant. The defendant lost control of their car after it fell on ice while they were turning a corner. Initial settlement was reached with the insurance company regarding the policy limit. The plaintiff filed a claim to have the case properly handled. The verdict was $790,780. It included past and future economic damages. Non-economic damages included the cost of a chiropractor, who appeared before the court as an expert witness.

SETTLEMENT/ SAMPLE VERDICT (Connecticut), $25,000.00 A 38 year old woman was left with thoracic strains and damaged cervical and lumbar areas after her car was hit from behind by a defendant, who was speeding at the time and lost control of his vehicle. The defendant claimed that the accident was caused by a third party in the case and denied liability. After the submission of expert evidence and records from multiple chiropractors, physical therapists, and other medical professionals, the case settled for $25,000

SAMPLEVERDICT/SETTLEMENT (Maine: $15,000.00 The plaintiff filed a claim with the defendant for uninsured/underinsured coverage. A nonparty vehicle struck her vehicle from behind, causing cervical and lumbar injuries. The plaintiff filed a complaint against the defendant for underinsured/uninsured coverage. Her case was settled by the insurance company for $15,000. They also paid for the injuries sustained by the driver of their vehicle.

Chiropractor After Car Accident Q&A

After a car accident, should I visit a chiropractor?

If you are experiencing back pain, shoulder pain, neck discomfort, or other minor discomforts following a car accident, a chiropractor should be your first choice. You can ask questions of your initial medical provider about whether this is the right option for you.

How much does a chiropractor charge after a car accident?

Costs for a chiropractor following a car accident vary depending on where you live and what level of care is required.

Some places are as low at $40, while others can be as expensive as $200. These extreme ends are not uncommon, but an average range of $60-$80 can be expected.

Do I need to have both physical therapy as well as a chiropractor?

Although physical therapy and chiropractic may appear to be the same thing, they are very different services. You will most likely need both physical therapy as well as a chiropractor. A chiropractor will usually treat your pain and underlying issues. Then, you’ll be referred to physical therapy to strengthen your muscles.

What is the maximum time I can see a chiropractor following a car accident?

It is best to see a chiropractor as soon after an accident as possible. In most cases, this will be within 48-72 hour after your accident. You can still visit a chiropractor as many times as you need, even if you’re unable to reach one within this time frame.

My doctor sent me to a chiropractor following my car accident.

Your doctor may have told you to visit a chiropractor to help ease your pain. This will also help when you are trying to settle your legal case. A chiropractor can strengthen your case as it will show that you have suffered a serious injury and require medical assistance.